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Teaching of Irish traditional music to both children and adults takes place on Monday nights at the C.B.S. Primary School at Baker’s Road, Charleville. 

The Committee of Craobh an Ráth would like to acknowledge with great appreciation to the Principal, Board of Management and Staff at the C.B.S Primary School for facilitating our classes on Monday nights.

Craobh an Ráth have the finest of traditional music teachers and they are listed below:

Scrúdú Ceol Tíre (SCT)

As well as weekly classes in various instruments, at Craobh an Ráth we offer preparation for the SCT Exams. This set of examinations offers students the opportunity to become well rounded in all elements of the Irish Music Tradition including history, theory and repertoire as well as performance. 


Teacher Details

Below is a list of names of the teachers and instruments they teach at Craobh an Ráth.




Button Accodion/Bosca Ceoil

Alan Finn

Banjo / Bainseó

Adrian McAuliffe

Bodhran / Bodhrán

Billy O’Brien

Concertina / Consairtín

Ger Naughton

Fiddle / Fidil

Liam Flanagan / Alan Finn

Flute / Feadóg Mhór

John Byrne

Trad Guitar

Eddie Kiely

Harp / Cruit

Anna Sheehan

Tin Whistle / Feadóg

John Byrne, Con Ryan, Alan Finn

Uilleann Pipes / Píp Uilleann

John Byrne

Music Groups / Grúpaí Ceoil

Alan Finn

SCT Exams / Scrudú Ceol Tíre

Con Ryan



Profile of Alan Finn

Alan Finn is a multi All Ireland winning musician from Buttevant, Co. Cork.

Playing the Button Accordion and Fiddle from a young age he has toured many parts of world.

He had the distinction of playing for president Barrack Obama in the White House Washington for St Patrick's day in 2009.

He has also taught many all Ireland Winning under age Céilí Bands and Grúpaí Ceoil. He was the leader of the 2012 All Ireland winning Awbeg Céilí Band and most recently was the leader of the 2015 All Ireland Champions, the Shandrum Céilí Band.

Alan teaches, Button Accordion and Tin Whistle at CCE Craobh an Ráth.                               

Profile of Adrian McAuliffe

Adrian comes from Freemount Co Cork. A village steeped in traditional Irish music. He started playing Irish traditional music when he was 8 years old and was taught by music teacher Con Herbert from Killeedy, West Limerick. Adrian currently plays with the Srtíolan Céilí band from Mountcollins Co. Limerick and is a former member of the Allow Céilíband.

Adrian is a very popular teacher at both the Willie Clancy Summer School and South Sligo Summer School.  Adrian’s style of banjo playing is packed with energy and swing and he is in much demand at concerts, sessions and workshops all over Ireland.  He has performed at music festivals in Holland, England and America to name but a few. His greatest musical influences are Brian McGrath, John Carty, Liam Flanagan and De Dannan.

Adrian teaches Banjo at CCE Craobh an Ráth.


Profile of Billy O’ Brien

Billy comes from Croom, Co. Limerick. From an early age he had a passion for Irish traditional music, which was strongly influenced by his musical father Jerry O’ Brien, who played the fiddle and the accordion, as well as being a bodhran maker.

Currently residing in Freemount where he has been an active member of the Freemount Comhaltas for many years. Billy has travelled with various musical groups entertaining people all around Ireland and Europe. 

Billy has been involved with CCE Craobh an Ráth since it was founded in 2011, teaching Bodhran to all ages. Billy gets a great since of joy to see the music being passed from one generation to the next, watching the children progress, become confident musicians and fostering a love for Irish music, something they too will pass on in time to come. In Billy’s opinion, second to education, music is the greatest gift you could give to any child.

Profile of Ger Naughton

Ger Naughton is a 23 year old musician hailing from Newtownshandrum in Co. Cork.

He is a recent graduate of Architecture having studied in University College Cork for the last 4 years.  Ger has played music practically all his life, excelling in a number of instruments such as the Concertina, Bodhrán, Drums, Piano and Bouzouki.

He took part in under age groups and bands for many years as a member of Raheenagh Comhaltas, and gained a copious amount of musical knowledge and concertina skills from the teacher there, Con Herbert.

For the last 8 years, throughout his time in secondary school and college, he has imparted his skills to young musicians in both Freemount and Charleville Comhaltas’.

Ger performs at gigs and concerts regularly all over the country; playing with the Five Counties Ceili Band, and accompanying Ann Marie O’ Riordan at many of her concerts

Ger is also a member of the current All Ireland Senior Ceili Band winners; The Shandrum Ceili Band.

Ger teachers Concertina at CCE Craobh an Ráth.


Profile of Liam Flanagan

(Profile to follow)

Profile of John Byrne

John comes from the town of Mallow, Co. Cork and has been playing traditional Irish music for the last 30 yrs or so. John plays Tin whistle, Flute and Uilleann Pipes.  John learnt the pipes from Billy O’ Callaghan, Rose O’ Leary and Denis Brooks (three well-known pipers from the Cork area). He has attended many Tionols (piping gatherings) over the years where he has received tuition from masters such as Mick Coyne and Mick O’ Brien.
In the late 90s, after completion of his Ph.D, John moved to New York to work with the USDA. While living there, he became part of a very strong Irish Music scene and played with the traditional Irish group ‘Traonach’. The group played at several festivals on the East coast of the U.S. in Buffalo, Syracuse, Atlantic City and New Jersey.  John recorded his first album ‘The Yellow Bustard’ with the group Traonach. The album was well received and had considerable airplay. John also played briefly with the Syracuse-based Irish Traditional group ‘Poor Man’s Fortune’ and performed at the North Hero piping gathering in Vermont.
In 2000 John returned to Ireland to pursue a full-time career in Music (performance and teaching) and along with his brother Kevin, founded the group Arundó. The group line-up has changed down through the years and two albums have been recorded to date (‘Tuesday nights at 39A’ and ‘Live at Counihans’). He has also recorded a double album (‘Drawn to the Flame’) with his brother, Kevin.  He has also recorded with the well-known traditional musician from Kanturk, Tim Browne on his album ‘Crossing the waves’. He has also featured on a piping CD released by the ‘Cork Pipers Club’ and has recorded with the group ‘Cosamar’.
John has toured with the band ‘Arundó’ in Holland, Germany and the U.K. and has played at many local festivals such as the Cork folk festival. John has also toured in Poland with fellow Uilleann piper John Mitchell. Arundó have been performing every Sunday night for the last 15 years in the well-known Cork city centre bar, Counihans and weekly for the last 9-10 Summers in The Blue Haven Hotel, Kinsale (working closely with ‘The Cork Irish Dance Company’).
John is very much in demand as a music teacher in the Cork area. In addition to private lessons, John teaches weekly music classes in Scully’s in Newmarket and runs an after-school music programme in a National School in Cork city. For many years now, John has worked with the VEC as an ‘Adult-Ed’ night class tutor teaching tin whistle and flute in Davis College, Mallow.
John teaches Tin Whistle, Flute and Uilleann Pipes at CCE Craobh an Ráth.

  Con Ryan (Profile to follow).
  Eddie Kiely (Profile to follow).


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